Who We Are ?

We are a bunch of professionals, with more than 10 years experiences in the digital world, who help startups/companies to build better products, faster. We are helping with business strategy, finding product/market fit, getting first customers as fast as possible, as cheap as possible.

We love simple and effective solutions - we consult (design sprints), set up processes, metrics, tools, create fast prototypes, MVPs, help with customer development, etc. We help companies achieve realistic goals with creative solutions.

We help companies achieve realistic goals with creative solutions.

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Our Services


wWorkshops / Consultations

We provide workshops and consultations in the field of optimalization of processes, business strategy, product management and usage of exponentional technologies (AR, VR, Blockchain, IoT ...


pGoogle Design Sprints

We faciliate Google Design Sprint to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days.


pFast prototyping

We create for you prototypes in several days, so you can quickly move on.


pProduct Development

We help you to create great products, services iteratively, and help you to find product/market fit as fast as possible as cheap as possible.


pGrowth Hacking

When you have great product, we help you to grow faster, build community, get customers.


iFunding campaignes

We are helping to create succesful campaigns to raise money through ICO/STO. We have real experiences with creating successful ICO/STO.

How We Work

01 Initial analysis

In several days we make initial analysis and research so we know everything what we need. You and your team are crutial part of this process.

02 Building MVP

We build MVP as soon as possible so we can get touch with final customers and get important feedback

03 Validating

We are always trying to get real feedback from users and we are iteratively improving product untill we find product / market fit.

04 Successful product

At the end you get great product, which your users love and you have also community and first users who are really using your product.

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